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Plot Flags
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Author:  acewing905 [ Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

Sorry if this maybe a stupid question, but would it be possible to edit a save file to make unscouted areas on the war table scouted? I'm trying out the trial version, but its 6 hours is useless because it doesn't let you scout any new regions outside Hinterlands.

Author:  ricco19 [ Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

Much earlier in the thread people were wondering about having to add new flags in order to "soften" Leliana. See this thread for how I accomplished it:


Author:  Nholan [ Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

72CEC9CB793D6B34BB97412D314CE229 indicates if the amulet of power for the inquisitor in crestwood is still unlooted. If its already looted and it gets changed from false->true it will respawn.

Author:  Sunnie [ Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

Nholan wrote:
72CEC9CB793D6B34BB97412D314CE229 indicates if the amulet of power for the inquisitor in crestwood is still unlooted. If its already looted and it gets changed from false->true it will respawn.

The container it was in was removed in patch...5?, I think, so setting this BOOL would not really do anything if you are playing with any patch from 5 to current. Unless you are saying that setting this BOOL somehow makes the container reappear?

Author:  Nholan [ Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

The Crestwood container itself did not get removed in Patch 5, they just removed the trash item so it only contains the amulet. I did it today to "compensate" the removed amulet of power in the last cold chamber. After reloading the map the container does reappear and u can loot the amulet again.
Since i've only got a digital key, my game is always on the latest patch.

Author:  quinevis [ Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

Had an issue that caused Servis to become uninteractable in the western approach. After fighting him, saving and reloading casued him to disappear and the quest to be completed, but he was not taken back to skyhold. Does anyone have any insight what switch I would need to flip to cause his "Sit in Judgement" to show up?

Author:  Genaeve [ Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

Am I the only person whose save game editor is not updating & saving changes to resources such as elfroot and iron etc?
My gold is updating just fine.
And if so, what do I need to do to fix this?
If not, what can I do to fix this or help?
Thank you in advance

Author:  Genaeve [ Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Plot Flags

Let me show you what I did so you know what I'm talking about. I basically edited the "PlotFlagsMapping.txt" And it was working great before the patch. So I don't know if I need to do something different or what.

This is what I added, gleaned from this site.
02121EBD51885C47BE7AC8BF51E60322,INT,(resource) Silk T1
05C661E6654BCD45ADBE7F60D58B0384,INT,(resource) Blue Vitriol T1
0C4153264C6971468CAB23E9044A035F,INT,(resource) Canine leather T1
139AFC40AE50EA4EAD16F078D9FE033A,INT,(resource) Rough Hide T2
175B811E1A8FCB4689D723128499039B,INT,(resource) Samite T1
187ACB09E036534880BC8997975703CC,INT,(resource) Craggy Skin T3
1AC601F7FCE1744DADD3F1A7F2EB03FB,INT,(resource) Lightning Essence Rune
3C304E2DE4633A4F99750A10C6BD03B4,INT,(resource) Dragon's Tooth T3MW
3EBD3380EC191746BD533F943C8F032C,INT,(resource) Elfroot T1
489819D93F48A5479F993C96E9D40334,INT,(resource) Wyvern Scales T3
498012A453ECB64E8A1DD071DA2F034E,INT,(resource) Ram leather T1
4D3B1D1B7A906540BC8C3A88A53103A1,INT,(resource) Silverite T3R
4FB4D1A550DFF940B6B13BDE554903D6,INT,(resource) Deepstalker Hide T1
5289757B8B5AAF478A552D1A8DFD0308,INT,(resource) Great Bear Hide T3
5939E4DD45D9B244A7E1A855808003D8,INT,(resource) Royal Elfroot T1R
5F05C38320956C4EB9A718F91CF60352,INT,(resource) Nug Skin T1
64862B1C154238488C8EB9EB299B0356,INT,(resource) Plaideweave T1
689FDB7FD5BD814487E36AD1BDB40328,INT,(resource) Everknit wool T2
6AD44484B39C464AB2135C29812E0371,INT,(resource) Everite T3
6AF4E583E2A80D49A155D72B49BE0354,INT,(resource) Summer Stone T1
7420DE5E2E063948B4322EEF40440329,INT,(resource) Velveteen T1
74C692B14413B54FA74B2AD29FE103F7,INT,(resource) Fennec fur T1
760038F5FDEA6D45BE22F997D14803ED,INT,(resource) Hardened Gurn Hide T3
76741B1F567838459032234D91410305,INT,(resource) Royal Sea Silk T3
7ADB64E1AB70B7438D5B8BA6B25003C7,INT,(resource) Snoufluer Skin T3R
7BFFE34C33056D48839EBF33465103FD,INT,(resource) Frost Essence Rune
7EA643FA154BE44D8A6758F3D50303A4,INT,(resource) Varghest Scales T2
8131F8AA6E7BD3438E8BC1D901FD03FB,INT,(resource) Deep Mushroom T2
814E0384E4B7544E945656D319B80348,INT,(resource) Blood lotus T1
82233BE79F79E144A507E75B6DA003A4,INT,(resource) Spirit Essence Rune
865917E5F0EB4540A4D5D0ED27C703E1,INT,(resource) Obsidian T2
8A833D84AB2C0C42B464B6991C270377,INT,(resource) Dawnstone T3
99287EBFE6495845B807F0D44495039D,INT,(resource) Onyx T1
9E074ED440D1AB49B177ED50557003E7,INT,(resource) Druffalo hide T1
A126C4539FBBAD449D84D78DB8FF032B,INT,(resource) Spindleweed T1
A5070031238C994AA15C5869EBBF03F8,INT,(resource) Ring velvet T2
A5704F8C6FB1A5458335D5F908EE0333,INT,(resource) Dragonling scales T1
A78819F69916534D84598DECC67A038D,INT,(resource) Iron T1
A94531AD1FCF994A8A9C6B3F9CAC03C0,INT,(resource) Serpentstone T1
AAB76B0B45B2B44FB6AACA0391D5032D,INT,(resource) Lurker Scales T3
AB88C2C32C764146AA0EC4BDEA3C0303,INT,(resource) Plush Fustian Velvet T3
B48EC90336BB714FA03933CDF782031E,INT,(resource) Bloodstone T2
BC7954725A5A644288B28DF146C303CD,INT,(resource) Paragon's Luster T2
BCD1D7B13AAAFB49ACFD0336A29A03D3,INT,(resource) August Ram Leather T2
BFDAB02184F1BF41926A0FF081FB0382,INT,(resource) Crystal Grace T1R
C1343EA45365C249A93FD900E1B6036E,INT,(resource) Veridium T2
C3A051031B6AE94AB6631E2017F90321,INT,(resource) Lambswool T1
C6C472FFC3A8C34E87625236ABC6032D,INT,(resource) Stormheart T3
CBF6A7E32A2C6C4A9580AB401C7003AD,INT,(resource) Cotton T1
DC83154576745A47B746C277AFEC0366,INT,(resource) Fire Essence Rune
E126B3DE026BB64E919AA18E072E0315,INT,(resource) Lustrous Cotton T2
E9A1E31F3D4A43478B44AEF30ECB037F,INT,(resource) Bear Hide T2
F104EF4315DAAF4599E31483D422032B,INT,(resource) Phoenix scales T2
F231AC1EDEAE6E4BACE6DE929A3D03A7,INT,(resource) Imperial Vestment Cotton T3
F527951DCAB5D149838B3BA415CA034D,INT,(resource) Quilback Leather T2
F7D8C8C7BA53E74CB723B96024110331,INT,(resource) Drakestone T1
FC3428AD175A8747BAF5B88AE8EB0329,INT,(resource) Embrium T2
FE8AFF9369F80D4DB5AACEABBB270399,INT,(resource) Lazurite T2
FFBEDA8E42CF6D46846550FAF50F03BE,INT,(resource) Volcanic Aurum T3

Thank you, and sorry for posting again so quickly.


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