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 Post subject: Headmorphs (trials, errors and hope)
PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:11 pm 
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So when looking through some old files I extracted with the original tool that Eham made where you extracted then converted to meshes and textures. Well the extracted bits had some headmorphs though their extension is .headmoprh but when opening them up in EBX editor I believe they have the vertices data etc that would be needed to convert a base head into a NPC head in blender or 3DS Max.

I asked the original creator of the ME3HeadMorphImporter for 3DSMax for some advice as I thought I'd just try to change the .me3headmorph to .headmoprh to see if that would work. I felt that it wouldn't but thought I'd give it a try in case it was that easy. However sadly it didn't. When I asked them for advice this is what they said;

'Well that depends entirely on what the file format is like.

In principle what you’d be looking for is two sets of coordinates - one for the vertices in the head mesh, one for the bone coordinates (assuming it moves the bones around like the Mass Effect 2 and 3 headmorphs do). The vertex coordinates, whatever their format, should be the same amount as the number of vertices in the actual head mesh, so that’s probably the easiest thing to start looking for.'

Now I only know very basics but if anyone could help me with this I'd really appreciate it. In fact if you know any good tutorials to help me learn more as well I'd appreciate a link :)

I think this might be a way to change NPC heads as long as the vertices remain the same like with the hair. However going off what she said I tried to check vertices on each race and bone count which did have some differences. I also show what ME3 had just in case that would help. Now I'm not sure but I think they are similar to ME3 set up but again I could be wrong so I have no idea how to go about this.

DF = 5522
DM = 5522
EF = 5522
EM = 5522
HF = 5522
HM = 5522
QF = 5828
QM = 5828

ME3 = 2390


DF = 211
DM =210
EF = 211
EM = 209
HF = 211
HM = 209
QF = 211
QM = 209

ME3 = 43 (just head psk), 110 (full bones)

I'm mainly someone who makes renders but I know a few people interested in the possibility of modding NPC's so I think if we could extract the .headmorphs into a editable format like .obj or .psk or use .headmorphs in the same way that ME3HeadMorphImporter did then we could eventually mod NPC's and those who use them for other programs could as well.

Just wanting to know other peoples opinions. Help if possible and any advice. As sadly I have no idea where to look for bone coordinates or the vertex coordinates if they exist in the DAI models. Or how to go about making a script for this. As I'd like to make one for blender as well as early 3DS Max versions like the ME3HeadMorphImporter was made for.

I have tried doing this in the ModMaker itself but sadly everything I tried didn't work. To get an NPC head I first exported the EBX for the NPC and Base Head morph static (headmorph) then made the base head read the NPC head to see if the SkinnedMeshAsset would be changed due to its headmorph changing but sadly that didn't work. Then I tried editing that same data as well as the data found Data > da3 > npcs thought for that I used a follower to see if it would work but again sadly that didn't work.

I remember that Eham managed to swap Solas' head with Abelas but I have no idea how he did that. Because that is probably the way of being able to swap NPC heads and being able to extract them in order to edit them or use them for rendering. Without having to use an external script but if that isn't possible anymore I'd like to try and find a way to use an external script for blender or 3DS Max to use headmorph data to transform the base heads.

For anyone who didn't see that post where he managed it, it is here; http://forum.bioware.com/topic/529048-d ... p=18532678

Another method would be using a program like ninja ripper and going in game to a scene then getting a .obj that way but sadly those programs haven't worked for me either.

Sorry for the overload of information just want to show what I've tried and ideas I have had. Thank you for your time :)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Xlib ... sp=sharing or here http://sta.sh/01h08103ebb2 in case someone wants to view one of the .headmoprh I have. It is hf_adamant_clarel :)

Update: I forgot to add I also tried a method myself and Berserker79 used to get data from the DA2 heads to see if there would be a way doing it that way. Basically I imported the basa head of each gender and race and exported it in Lightwave 3d using the Dragon Age export tool. But sadly since it had no bones it couldn't create any bone data. Not sure if this data I got will be of any help as sadly the .mmh has nothing but the .msh does have information in it. http://sta.sh/21jhch5lhm5k

Update 27/02/1016;

done some further research into this. Sadly it hasn’t produced anything yet but from what I’ve been looking at I think it is further possible to do.

The method I looked into looks like something that could be used to swap a head of a inquisitor with another. However since the data can only be exported and not imported I have no idea how to implement it or if it would indeed work.

http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/207/? is the tool I am talking about.

To quote; ‘Export XML files
- Finds all XML files embedded in the save and exports them to file. Note these XMLs are not indented properly, you will have to do that yourself.’

http://sta.sh/01v5mokbrvvk is an example of xml data of one of my characters ‘Alexa Cadash’ and the information further down for Head and Ears etc (Eye Size etc), seems like information that could be used to swap one head from one save to another save.

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