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 Post subject: Plot Flags
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:43 am 
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Latest Plot Flag Editor by Ehamloptiram
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqpBc ... duYmc/view

In this thread, I will be listing all the Plot Flags as I come to find out what they are, what their type is (Int/Float) and what their default (Starting) value is:

C3947CF6CB44EA4EB42BEAB3F2830359,INT,Starting Inventory amount - 60
552DA729B061AF48B71A5F903C1D03C9,INT,Amount to increase inventory by with Inquisition Perk - 15
30511EE6066EEE40B4E270DA3948022E,FLOAT,Global Sell Price Multiplier - 1.0f
E024158C1C9ED645834835BC9F5B02AD,FLOAT,Global Buy Price Multiplier - 1.0f
B43DDC77B8747F4D8F023A835C3A03C5,INT,Number of shards required to open door 1 - 6
67A2ECDE05AEB54DA5DE86CB81010354,INT,Number of shards required to open door 2 - 12
418C9E1147577D4A842929444F1F030B,INT,Number of shards required to open door 3 - 18
E560D49FF9E2D84D8FD44E285F470315,INT,Total dragon count  - 10
88112A603BDFBA4E91C643D5A22C039F,INT,Total region count in Crestwood - 30
B5C70DC30D6F7B4C9DB56E4E508B031C,INT,Total region count in The Dales Highlands - 30
949705E5DF8C0445A84857F9F6970312,INT,Total region count in The Dales Plains - 30
D70F9FCF76FAD2468C131568F94503F5,INT,Total region count in The Western Approach - 25
66CD392773D31F4F872C83DF49880302,INT,Total region count in the Desert Ruins - 30
2776C310084868429C76A31A60330390,INT,Total region count in the Oasis - 30
2DF8B8B285F5FF48A03F4F9FC96C0389,INT,Total region count in the Bog - 30
ED4CD09E020BB74496F4D26CCA5A037D,INT,Total region count in the Storm Coast - 11
0C2CF5D379F94B448D6FA96FBCBD0376,INT,Total region count in the HINTerlands - 30
A984106CBD478746A66D95D6E7D90397,INT,Total region count in the Dales Forest - 30
3A4198C2969AD2489A22BD83C72C0373,INT,Max positive approval amount - 125
1D367816A5B3564ABEF20A0F7A990355,INT,Max negative approval amount - -75
A20C11343404D943AA12541CD5EC0346,INT,Low Inc/Dec approval amount - 1
2CA05E4C5B47164EB645D543ADB703E0,INT,Medium Inc/Dec approval amount - 5
6AECB822E83F1143B353770DB4C603F7,INT,High Inc/Dec approval amount - 20
194C3649252090458C5EAB74ECEA03FF,INT,Total Bottles - 29
2D77EF811D6F4C488A15A63334C00287,FLOAT,Connections/Forces/Secrets Discount Increment Amount - 0.05f
1685ED544269704F9D354834BCE403D9,INT,Mosaic - The Fall max count - 12
D339EFBC0776B6499DB3B11F5C7503A0,INT,Mosaic - Dragon max count - 12
21896FEE677BFF4D8D56694EFE1B03C2,INT,Mosaic - Invasion max count - 12
CF2E09647CEEB245A9BD44BF72260374,INT,Mosaic - Sacrifice max count - 12
B9CB7642FA1A674095E61914636D03FE,INT,Mosaic - Vanquish max count - 12

The following Plot Flags don't have an initial starting value, and are saved out to save game files. Their value is stored big endian:

54CFA269FAEE88469DEDA794CBC5034F,INT,Current Gold
AB1E9A19EA756F4F9CC7A77080C003A3,INT,Current Fade Shards
555A343CABC0EA449ECAD575E8320333,INT,Total Fade Shards
EAFA732B083891479EB603D71D5F0340,INT,Total Rifts Closed
6FF40F6B0EEE4F4AAF177DB94F020348,INT,Total Dragons Killed
E70F2FB25CC758499C8E6A9CB8D603AB,INT,Total Crestwood Regions Discovered
A900FD5C2E50554C892C2DAE683603DF,INT,Total Dales Highlands Regions Discovered
AC7908248543DD4B9C411D5243A90392,INT,Total Dales Plains Regions Discovered
E322A212CF5FDB41B2CDC0B4B3FB0364,INT,Total Western Approach Regions Discovered
8FCBFEA2A680D94DBF2A8A461329031C,INT,Total Desert Ruins Regions Discovered
DF47E1FFCEED3041908AE059404F030C,INT,Total Oasis Regions Discovered
CB3F849445DB9E4EB4978277B06E03EE,INT,Total Bog Regions Discovered
DB496D9824DC3C4EBAC1EBA32DB903A3,INT,Total Storm Coast Regions Discovered
019E45EC4FD7F048A56D601DF6AC0388,INT,Total Hinterlands Regions Discovered
5CB1D5F61B468940AE262CEEFADC0338,INT,Total Dales Forest Regions Discovered
718375DD4B49134DA2D3D7FBF6760396,INT,Cassandra Approval Rating
9F518E9FC5360746AD3ABE52EFFF03A3,INT,Sera Approval Rating
E5AC1794D3378543B6FEF2B84256034E,INT,Vivienne Approval Rating
D64D9EF63D969D4CB3AA3FF3F4F50306,INT,Cole Approval Rating
727667A9F3F8A74FA934EBA48236035F,INT,Ironbull Approval Rating
B373BE126C8C5740BA22D668B9750371,INT,Varric Approval Rating
8A2B7B60E8EF0F4BB607E8B5CCB6035E,INT,Blackwall Approval Rating
05F803ED761D694DAAC7798A5B6D032D,INT,Solas Approval Rating
62E2B672B3099C4E9EEBE0E6510003E7,INT,Dorian Approval Rating
0ADDDB9A9ACAF7439F9DB9DF8C0A03E9,INT,Total Bottles Found
2008714EADD5F745AD00A018D847036C,INT,Connections rank
2B5AD8B68214C644A48ECA12240603E9,INT,Forces rank
F2C96806F82BD446B8814B13C5F803AC,INT,Secrets rank
ABA840B10DF92A449C65941CC65F010F,BOOL,Cassandra is Divine
6E7CA423653F5C4B8A803DF3E5AE01BC,BOOL,Leliana is Divine (?)
7A689E68F6E34F4E9437948B00FF01C6,BOOL,Vivienne is Divine
A322094A805AC448BC2F497817FE0328,INT,Cassandra Divine points
E79A75430E46204494B34F579E8103B9,INT,Leliana Divine points
515B3DF9D50CC846874A4F4E728C038B,INT,Vivienne Divine points
E516F88206765C4CAD004B3358CD0139,INT,Leliana's personal quest done
915CC2886A76FD4B92EF6518BA53010A,INT,Leliana softened
5D98A42BA529164691C0478DA5CE025B,FLOAT,Encounter Spawner Timer
4DF791FF106DA54BABF5C442F58602B6,FLOAT,Connections Discount Amount
6824B1D524382A49B93DA7F51D2B02FC,FLOAT,Forces Discount Amount
BB53C6EF632D1342AEA9F12161D20273,FLOAT,Secrets Discount Amount
FCF288E59BB97A4D95B0AF5474C70336,INT,Current Mount in Stables
4C26DBE60C388E42B64D90BEA4FE0217,FLOAT,Forces Combat XP Bonus
A86805E96A2AA447BCF3258B543D014D,BOOL,Player Is Male
635818FBA9E9094DADEA8C189A6301D5,BOOL,Player Is Mage
6FD01163BF71374DBC977FA355D801D7,BOOL,Player Is Rogue
6420EA0C55DED1438D2F60A2DFC901A7,BOOL,Player Is Human
968985930090B64D9373658ACAE601BB,BOOL,Player Is Dwarf
FA331D7011321C489C2C7DA5515001B0,BOOL,Player Is Qunari
751AF9342608F74BB14A10DEB0FA0117,BOOL,Player Is Elf
E762C2E291751F48A5E5297141F401D3,BOOL,Player Is Female
ADDD881080831C43BC6E7721F6D7010C,BOOL,Player Is Warrior
CE01323A17870C4E95283D747263019A,BOOL,Leliana did not kill agent
7EE46946352EE74C9AD3C49C746601FA,BOOL,WorldState Initialized
12CC1F986F635A4CAB38DFC6CB390393,INT,Inquisition Perk Points
65DB86C6905F7F4498E40D2BFB640168,BOOL,Dorian codex entry unlocked?
C816A207AECDCE4F9190D63A77D10351,INT,Mosaic - The Fall count
618E6B526E434A4891B6E1C624DB0315,INT,Mosaic - Dragon count
E3BE8F17ABE3D445B46EEA363B6F03A0,INT,Mosaic - Invasion count
B2E175CC1A23B049A785C2E2336603F8,INT,Mosaic - Sacrifice count
AF5714FFFAEA3A41B84CCEE5374B03A1,INT,Mosaic - Vanquish count
A78819F69916534D84598DECC67A038D,INT,Quest Counter - Iron count (Used to determine if you have enough for quests. Does not alter inventory count)
C332C98A8BEF4944A8E15DFFAC5701EC,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece A
4BD07FFD83156A40A4805A1054A30135,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece B
7D98621691D8754F966BDC22E9A401D9,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece C
2BED24F7A49AF249A00D641C116F01EC,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece D
1FBC021A0AB0FA45BF27F0938D53010F,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece E
27353A51A1E73146AC4B3A0D9D8E01D9,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece F
53025CFE90C2814799F0322F8C2F01F1,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece G
E5F4873BAC65F24BAA61D98EAA22014A,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece H
F14274CC8149A74A94CE8B6A543E0107,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece I
BBB70E2623472A4386F0EEF21A3B01C6,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece J (This one is actually bugged, and shows as the same as I. Therefore mosaic is uncompletable. Fixed in Community Patch)
715934E022EC8F4CABD9E17BEEDB01B9,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece K
AE9C60DB7B5AC7438E25CC00EFF00163,BOOL,Mosaic - Dragon piece L
CE2111D6634BF344A3CDB6B9C3F8013E,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece A
FFB1B6BA21C0244B810623CFED900165,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece B
01EA5F2D91C9694E96C33551124901B0,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece C
7444C1C1ACB33D479BD48BA9AC510173,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece D
A406C2DC2A239445AD9FAD3D794A019B,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece E
FECCC5D0064729449FC910FA49BE019C,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece F
73BCD26BA474574291D92E456D7F0168,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece G
5BDA95B7B88FC641B56A9D2AB6AA01D8,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece H
EE978C039DD8654683EADA02520E0100,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece I
63936A6C3CAC2A4D8C438957AF8401BF,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece J
6E9C0AEC905B934C8FB95CAAEDDA01CC,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece K
D187C97B5327C34CB53F773CAC0B01DF,BOOL,Mosaic - Invasion piece L
10BE7336EB882B44808CD24487D2016A,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece A
671116509ECE804BB66DEB5E9E0C0129,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece B
6801F320F84D3444B4AD8B3BDF81017A,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece C
85CFBFA64014F24B89EF328C67090156,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece D
1B865496F998D041BCCF03737FD00103,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece E
A7609C79230F2E45AA7976B1177C018F,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece F
7EB6A42CF0C68C42A871B4ACBCEA01D6,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece G
BBE03A6B1B932D42B2B063822CDF0134,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece H
8208F615060BB34A85AE95EB78010164,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece I
2A58EDFC7A370643AE0FF44BB0AD01EE,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece J
1A0F5516273B91469118A043844001EE,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece K
6FDE8B828980F74085E26D38188301D7,BOOL,Mosaic - Sacrifice piece L
3C225FABEEA2604882820C18A9EB01EC,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece A
7485F346BFA59E49AA49EAFCFA510188,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece B
99C7E862DE39C743A5164F11E312016B,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece C
DCD7853BE5B9EC44A8015C3FEF3C01F2,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece D
5E24AFCFF180A24481316013544F015F,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece E
C3A1603ADCF1BA4799B0CCC7BC8801BD,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece F
A848E0EB63A7F144A86EF165BA9201E7,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece G
C56ABDFA60F84547A479AA252F040102,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece H
75087FC29D586D46822EAF578A5E01BB,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece I
C2092010A372C24284DBDDE69DD201E7,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece J
B0520CF1DD803740AAE00B9F1BBF0185,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece K
DBCA9099B0AAC64AB5D1657C18790164,BOOL,Mosaic - The Fall piece L
8FF7A7EA61717E4DA3D12B9555B301F8,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece A
A3EE5A8B41F1514A9F44368F698F01EE,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece B
30D304DCC16E994CBE1367D88BFD01ED,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece C
78782247A4A84E49BA550432BFB401A0,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece D
5AAA984D03B80D488526F7C78352019E,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece E
BC2A2A031F3D2B40B6CAD230AB50015E,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece F
6A45F7B7956ED440947162B78539016D,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece G
293B51D8B424F74B9370508639E601CC,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece H
DF36FFEE4A5FCD42B6F1FA31D03B01DF,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece I
DBA334F6898F4143A37528992BCA01F1,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece J
1D888BA6F84488448CC6F8AC197501A7,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece K
0249D97DAF468940B860A04FAC160183,BOOL,Mosaic - Vanquish piece L
17173867A68AE442B2E27D6B5BBC017C,BOOL,Asked about the Inquisition in pro_begin_inquisition_d

Some more misc ones that I found a var name for, but not entirely sure on their use (or just havent bothered to look yet):


The following flags are to do with World states from Dragon Age: Origins

13F2F5C731A4C648AB84792813E503B7,INT,DAO - What was the Warden's class? (1=Rogue, 2=Mage, 0=Warrior)
45FE541FAFB6B54CA1D6C9143209017E,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Warrior?
F66FB0F75080D944828E43DF935401BE,BOOL,DAO - Alistair is Drunk?
DDD0A0C9FFE76248A1B017E4DF9501FD,BOOL,DAO - Warden married Alistair?
CD5A9FA38E822E40A0EE732C1F9F01E5,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is Dalish Elf?
4CFEDF857F0E17429EDA7B4131B801B1,BOOL,DAO - Zevran Recruited?
D917278ACA4F794CAAAF3FD9B1F4034A,INT,DAO - How did the Warden handle Cammen's broken heart?  (2=S/he brought them together, 0=S/he didn't encounter Cammen and Gheyna, 1=S/he broke them up)
FB864FC585EC3C44A9BFA242D65A01F3,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden help Zerlinda reconcile with her family?  (1=Yes, No=0)
C64E8267B1F5A3468BA9A35724F5015C,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden go through the Eluvian with Morrigan?
C577583C0B5F59488070943AA0330164,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden bring the ancient encrypted scroll to Sister Justine in Denerim?
6772400DC1178343A5C2B483F0110325,INT,DAO - How did the Warden resolve the problems between the werewolves and the elves? (0=S/He brokered peace between them, 1=S/He sided with the werewolves, 2=S/He sided with the elves)
70478B8376CA604D83CE4CD41C3B0304,INT,DAO - What happened to Zevran? (1=He is alive and well, 0=He died)
19F2FF38269E734384E7052CD5560190,BOOL,DAO - Did First Enchanter Irving survive the battle against Uldred?
1AC61EB222FD4E439CEC78C583CF03A4,INT,DAO - Did the Warden return Sten's sword to him? (0=The Warden did not recruit Sten, 1=No, 2=Yes)
BFD23D87F095174E82D1E74A9119033F,INT,DAO - What happened to Alistair? (4=He becomes a drunk, 3=He stays with the Wardens, 0=He dies killing the Archdemon, 2=He becomes King, 1=He is executed
7BDBAED03933F44F9F30318BFA840313,INT,DAO - What happened to Connor? (2=He is alive and still possessed, 1=He is alive and no longer possessed, 0=He died)
F045A4D257C84D408715D6C717C20391,INT,DAO - What was the Warden's background? (0=Human noble, 5=Dwarf noble, 3=City elf, 1=Human mage, 2=Dalish elf, 4=Elf mage, 6=Dwarf commoner)
FFA03BCB0CBFC74DB2315ED1556F01ED,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Mage?
FA9E5771FCCB824F8E72A0F916B0011C,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Rogue?
02F7B41777D07444AB1FDE9A73CE01F0,BOOL,DAO - Warden supported mages at Broken Circle?
4E072600835B1B4D87216EDBCC00036E,INT,DAO - How did the Warden deal with Deygan in the Brecilian Forest? (2=S/he killed Deygan, 1=S/he returned Deygan to the Dalish camp for treatment, 0=S/he didn't encounter Deygan)
C2C4945BA98A1F49ABA9EF8C13E1037F,INT,DAO - Who killed the Archdemon? (1=Alistair, 0=The Warden, 2=Loghain)
5FEBE0A1F15D45429606C0ED9F7C03AB,INT,DAO - What did the Warden do to help Kaitlyn find her brother Bevin? (4=S/he scared Bevin back to Chantry, 0=S/He did nothing, 3=S/he freed Bevin without finding the family sword, 1=S/He freed Bevin and took the family sword, 2=S/he freed Bevin and paid for the family sword)
4D5EFE79996E884E8387550D3B370195,BOOL,DAO - Was Alistair executed?
F265359D809FDE4FA932BFB6628B0173,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden help Sergeant Kylon clear rowdy customers out of the Pearl?
8B5C9E89D7E2DF4089AF57F6E2B50382,INT,DAO - What happened to Loghain? (1=Loghain was executed by Alistair, 3=Loghain is alive and well, 0=Loghain was executed by the Warden, 2=Loghain died killing the Archdemon)
27A9CB72401A984A8FDB57B1BA23019C,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden let Bann Sighard know s/he found Oswyn in Arl Howe's torture room?
205E8FBE3333B041A5FB4B601BB6012B,BOOL,DAO - Anora is queen alone?
53B4645A0FF0FA4FBA0F007B8740030E,INT,DAO - How did the Warden deal with Dagna's request to become a scholar at the Circle Tower? (0=S/he didn't talk to Dagna, 4=S/he told Dagna that the Circle was destroyed, 2=S/he convinced Dagna to stay with her father, 1=S/he refused to help Dagna, 3=S/he asked permission for Dagna to study at the Circle Tower)
AB996535B784544588E718E04E050172,BOOL,DAO - Did Morrigan have Alistair's baby?
42E06903C711634CA860586E89E3035C,INT,DAO - How did the Warden complete Filda's quest to find her son Ruck in the Deep Roads? (3=S/he killed Ruck and told Filda s/he couldn't find him, 1=S/he told Filda Ruck died even if he didn't, 5=S/he killed Ruck and told Filda that he died heroically, 0=S/he didn't speak to Filda, 4=S/he killed Ruck and told Filda the truth, 2=S/he told Filda the truth of Ruck's condition)
4E5030BDEB9A664DB6A7754B115B03C9,INT,DAO - What happened to the Warden? (0=S/He sacrificed him/herself killing the Archdemon, 1=S/He is alive and well, 2=S/He is missing)
9D359E3B304C5944874B09776C20016B,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden kill Ser Landry?
3697D85DBD74A24D917C80062E0C010E,BOOL,DAO - Was Dragon Age: Origins completed?
4A10AB695FDFFD4486377C3D566B0157,BOOL,DAO - Is the Warden alive?
65763E55B5F8DC4FACBDDD81671001C2,BOOL,DAO - Did Morrigan have Loghain's baby?
9370A187626B2649AB7501A713D901CD,BOOL,DAO - Was Loghain alive at the end of Dragon Age: Origins?
BC275F19F66A704C93F3582D70BF03F8,INT,DAO - Did the Warden restore Mardy's son's birth right? (2=Yes, 0=S/he didn't have a son with Mardy, 1=No)
25CA543325731642943A66126F570155,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden handle the Crimson Oars for Sergeant Kylon in Denerim?
34A4AFAD1D85CF4D920EC549B6FB01B1,BOOL,DAO - Is Alistair alive?
0A1A5BF0A764264EB067A4F6E3BD016A,BOOL,DAO - Warden romanced Morrigan
4711DDE6C4AA8A499E4DFB7655ED0125,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden poison the Urn of Sacred Ashes?
4BBE24D81D69FC42A0E02355BCF2036D,INT,DAO - What happened to Leliana? (2=The Warden killed Leliana after poisoning the Urn of Sacred Ashes, 1=Leliana is alive and well, 3=The Warden killed Leliana for some other reason, 0=The Warden did not recruit Leliana)
470DC385BBB11840B6431582681C0367,INT,DAO - What did the Warden do with the Mabari Hound in Ostagar? (1=Cured it with the wilds flower, 4=Cured it with the wilds flower, 3=S/He didn't help it, 2=S/He put it out of its misery, 0=S/He didn't help it)
65A9E0FBC61B8040BB029245B23F0309,INT,DAO - What race was the Warden? (1=Elf, 0=Human, 2=Dwarf)
B3ACEBBC30F48C4089A300AA808E01E9,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden help Orta find the proof she needs to join the Assembly as a member of House Ortan?
00243B34C8796D44A2EBD871796C0143,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden complete Master Ignacio's assassination missions?
0179BD795029294A85AB74A08D310387,INT,DAO - Who did the Warden support at the Broken Circle? (0=The mages, 1=The templars)
055A0FA6F3474347ADD21AE69B1D01EE,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden recruit Loghain?
06D7BDCB135FBA41B6873C44F1180164,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden recruit Oghren?
09D2F3E18AACA74BBF17E3D818110390,BOOL,DAO - Did Carver become a Warden?
12F75C2275744F499C0F305D1CA50319,INT,DAO - Did the Warden choose Branka or Caridin in the Deep Roads?  (0=Caridin, 1=Branka)
130E6F25D01250408670FE3D53A90173,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden complete Slim Couldry's crime wave?
180F2905D00CA947AF19515B74EA019A,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden kill Leliana after a crisis unrelated to the Urn of Sacred Ashes?
1923086839F60C41BD71EC7500ED01F1,BOOL,DAO - Was Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings completed?
1B0E450966B7DD44AE67AF9ADB6101FC,BOOL,DAO - Warden was Female?
1BD0350BB5C8C64C929CF2F6F92C0189,BOOL,DAO - Did Morrigan have the Warden's baby?
1E2016206BC8DD458D5714A975310380,INT,DAO - What was the Warden's gender? (0=Male, 1=Female)
1EDB89BB3EFEFA4893A8D6844BD60368,INT,DAO - What did the Warden do with Sten's imprisonment in Lothering?  (0=S/He didn't free Sten from the cage, 3=S/he intimidated the Revered Mother into freeing Sten, 1=S/He picked the lock to free Sten, 2=S/He persuaded the Revered Mother to free Sten)
2202119C2D1CA943A83DB74732A10149,BOOL,DAO - Warden married Alistair and Anora?
23626AD518206E4F8083D7717767035E,INT,DAO - Was Loghain executed?  (2=Alistair, 1=Warden, 0=No)
296AE77E664E6A4C9EBCC42A657D0118,BOOL,DAO - Warden chose Branka in the Deep Roads?
2D91C92375BE8D499C30FC47D925018D,BOOL,DAO - Caridin destroyed anvil?
388400512407E540A882EE2C04E80362,INT,DAO - Who rules in Orzammar?  (0=Harrowmont, 1=Bhelen)
3BC3E7F9CB37F54E9002A2F89AB9016A,BOOL,DAO - Warden romanced Zevran
43626C0B8B6CE34FB49BA29414BD01B5,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden help the people of Redcliffe prepare for the attack of the undead hordes?
43A5E3A2B04E8B4D947412A58EB801F7,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden help the village of Redcliffe fight the undead hordes at nightfall?
505030199D46C148A30FCEDFFCAC0177,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden tell Athras about the death of his wife Danyla?
528625FB282C1A4F80C629D0820A033F,INT,DAO - Did the Warden remain as King Alistair's mistress? (2=No, 1=Yes, 0=The Warden and Alistair were not lovers, 3=The Warden is Alistair's Queen)
567D9B5B8D74434890133E69E96E017E,BOOL,DAO - Warden sided with Werewolves?
6113C1E9D23A8E45AF23B3DD3B8801D8,BOOL,DAO - Connor is dead?
630652464A9C3F478AF60D2BFE1101FD,BOOL,DAO - Branka kept Anvil?
63DF96F93C9211499A4F495033AC01ED,BOOL,DAO - Did Loghain kill the Archdemon?
64866A04A63AE94097669D64E67F01EA,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden kill Leliana after destroying the Sacred Ashes?
6674BD3E2913C04BB98C6284401201F2,BOOL,DAO - Anora is queen with Warden?
6B0D1B79268D1545B5F1428843E501C3,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden recruit Sten?
6C8BF1447D2497408B490AB87CF40166,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden complete Rogek's lyrium deal?
6FD6CD6943538645A5DE6A6508710358,INT,DAO - How did the Warden handle Elora's sick halla?  (0=S/he never spoke to Elora, 1=S/he saved the halla, 2=S/he allowed the halla to be killed)
73E991C973F15041897E2640F72501D8,BOOL,DAO - Warden sided with Elves?
74B35A9A4DE5704D8064099B359B0111,BOOL,DAO - Alistair is king alone?
7662D397629C374180724D8138CA01F5,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden rescue Owen the Blacksmith's daughter Valena?
76C9DF703ECDE84DA3B4EE679C2B01DE,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Elf?
79CF236575D34940A7CF12865342012E,BOOL,DAO - Warden romanced Leliana?
7D9130F89A6E2D4A817E2363C13D0176,BOOL,DAO - Bhelen is king of Orzammar
7F6FCCCAA072B94DAA8119E9A8F00166,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is Dwarf Noble?
7F9C00BEC9F8954FBD7AF92224B20131,BOOL,DAO - dao_leliana_crisis
8071993155EB3C4882D16A51DCAB012D,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Male?
81BADD70A191DA44BB3F6CA13242019E,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Dwarf?
85AB4A43C9F17B4D82722345336A01CC,BOOL,DAO - Connor is alive and not possessed?
863FEDBC0DB66E42961642AAF46901C5,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden bring Varathorn the ironbark he needed?
8793907F8149A345BFFE7BFAE33101A2,BOOL,DAO - Morrigan has child?
8A56B4DA332FEC49ABF92A479A630115,BOOL,DAO - Alistair is king with Warden?
8AC241586258314FAB2A0E29ECC201D2,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is Human Mage?
90CF9B3050328640A8EEBDFCB75901C2,BOOL,DAO - Warden is Human?
95DBA341B829BD468D3D82B68E5B01C0,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden give Alfstanna her brother Irminric's ring?
98DBB367D06B5F40BAA0C347967A014F,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is City Elf?
A7E0AA7A832ECC42A333A1777AFD0193,BOOL,DAO - Anora is queen alone or with the Warden?
AE4277207915C3479B590304E9A30182,BOOL,DAO - Connor is alive and possessed?
AF22B09A2D09C94DBD14FE817BDA01B2,BOOL,DAO - Is Alistair king?
B09B46DAF1CD1647BE5AAFA72F050162,BOOL,DAO - Morrigan did the dark ritual with the Warden?
B257ACAD610F464A91FA7CA9F39C01DA,BOOL,DAO - Did Alistair kill the Archdemon?
BC084F633536F348AF3BDA01FDCA01A8,BOOL,DAO - Branka destroyed Anvil?
BF5823E6966CDD4F9EE9E003DF6C0145,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden recruit Leliana?
BF7AE8312BFB6F4CAF99FCBA048301A2,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden help Brother Burkel create a Chantry in Orzammar?
C29D307EF56EBA4AA8AA03B090F601C1,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden return the worn amulet to the deranged beggar in Denerim's alienage?
C4E746075C9F31488D755B7C095801A7,BOOL,DAO - Warden chose Caridin in the Deep Roads?
C98D6FDE5F6140448C407F96EF880113,BOOL,DAO - Warden asked permission for Dagna to study at the Circle Tower?
C9B986B1F2D6E54D8CEABD569D1001C5,BOOL,DAO - Harrowmont is king of Orzammar?
CE6575B216750E4C89B1CFFC531E012F,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden prove to the Shaperate that the Legion of the Dead was connected with a noble House?
D69CEAAC9269DF46A8E9265B01D003E2,INT,DAO - Who now rules Fereldan? (0=Alistair, 3=Anora, 2=Alistair and the Warden, 1=Alistair and Anora, 4=The Warden and Anora)
D8FB6678180CEB49917920E98919038E,INT,DAO - Did the Warden have relations with Mardy before being cast out of Orzammar? (1=No, 0=S/he didn't encounter Mardy, 2=Yes)
DE012A2256AD844DB6317414DE120301,INT,DAO - What happened to Nathaniel? (0=He died, 1=He is alive and well)
E08FE7ACFB62574D8AF5906A601C010C,BOOL,DAO - Warden sided with the templars at Broken Circle?
E554ECC22E72DE4D98C360E3D94E01E6,BOOL,DAO - Was Leliana alive at the end of Dragon Age: Origins?
E608D4146E5FEC46869E3D5DC5EB014D,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is Human Noble?
E9B164CFB182A240BF19ABC60C5701A9,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is Dwarf Commoner?
EB287DC890864546A2790A5776930144,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden recruit Wynne?
F12631D0508FE54ABA1EB6F3683A01E0,BOOL,DAO - Warden romanced Alistair?
F396839B4E9BAD408C00167035590302,INT,DAO - What did the Warden do with the hungry deserter in Ostagar?  (5=S/He stole the key from the prisoner, 2=S/he fed the prisoner food stolen from the guard, 4= S/He fed the prisoner with food bought from the guard, 3=S/he fed the prisoner the guard's lunch, 1=S/He killed the prisoner, 0= S/He left the prisoner alone)
F4ACE6CD2512A64DA08A1DDBF29A0184,BOOL,DAO - Wardens background is Elven Mage?
F912F42E1C8B164F99E6CED6132401E7,BOOL,DAO - Alistair is king with Anora?
2D5FDEFB86445546AB06256E23640314,INT,DAO - What did the Warden decide to do with the tome stolen from the Shaperate?  (0=S/he didn't look into the matter, 2=S/he sold the tome to a fence, 1=S/he returned the tome to the Shaperate)
CBBFBFCB7D204A42B50B851817FD016C,BOOL,DAO - Did the Warden recruit Dog?
80B97C3AEDB2B349884B10632F600317,INT,DAO - Who did the Warden romance? (1=Alistair, 4=Zevran, 3=Leliana, 0=No-one, 2=Morrigan)
351DB97B3088014196BBA91E36CC03B7,INT,DAO - Did Morrigan have a baby? (3=Yes, 0=No, 1=Yes, 2=Yes)

The following flags are to do with World states from Dragon Age 2

7EE6E73DA5E1CC429877410D15AD0104,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke approve of Anders' actions at the Chantry?  Yes
E1C6F5206762484B9820B5BA003B038C,INT,DA2 - Who did Hawke romance? (0=Noone, 4=Merrill, 5=Sebastian, 2=Fenris, 3=Isabella, 1=Anders)
B61E94AAB6119048A8FD249ECB330329,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke join the mercenaries or the smugglers? (1=Mercenaries, 0=Smugglers)
DD461093EC2AE94393DFD166715101E6,BOOL,DA2 - Were Hawke and Varric friends?
775DDCB2F8EC1942A0BEF3A1C87D010B,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke is mage
2B0DE0E9D673F14E93F2FE88D8C20303,INT,DA2 - What did Hawke do with the templars? (0=S/he fought them, 2=S/he turned in the mages to them, 1=S/he convinced them to leave)
B2C60F4D70EC7E4498DD65C0BF2F03F1,INT,DA2 - Were Varric and Hawke friends or rivals? (0=Friends, 1=Rivals)
2A9823F3D0D4DE4D915F3163887701C6,BOOL,DA2 - Was Varric's brother Bartrand killed?
B81E5998BBFD0F48B9C2F1E09E5F01E3,BOOL,DA2 - Was Karras killed?
0FCE7FC1085B3245BD38FF8EABF0011D,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke kill Danzig?
035CA2C5A644F546ADEE87A6887803CC,INT,DA2 - What did Hawke do with Keran? (2=S/he gave him to the templars, 0=S/he let him go, 1=S/he killed him)
C9115821132D6E4D8C02924E73FF03A3,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke side with the mages or the templars in the final battle? (1=The templars, 0=The mages)
08A1961A53A09846ACFC1724D24A0373,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke let Zevran go? (0=Hawke did not find Zevran, 2=Yes, 1=No)
62C33E84DD41BC4AA121FE55E197038E,INT,DA2 - What happened to Fenris? (1=Fenris Died, 2=Fenris is alive and well, 0=Fenris was never recruited,3=Fenris was returned to his Tevinter master)
42C731E7966B7C4F97045FE6339503CB,INT,DA2 - What kind of personality did Hawke have? (0=Diplomatic, 1=Humorous, 2=Aggressive)
5D5CFC73760D1B4F8AE86831EDDD03FE,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke help Lieutenant Harley with the raiders on the cliffs? (0=Hawke did not encounter Lieutenant Harley, 1=Hawke abandoned them, 2=Hawke fought alongside the guardsmen, 3=Hawke attacked the raiders without the help of the guardsmen)
0E844B15F6F27B48A53441174F4301AB,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke kill the Arishok?
A0B731BD8CD40B499ECE6BF0287403D1,INT,DA2 - Who did Hawke hand the conspirators over to? (1=Meredith, 0=Orsino)
32AF5C002F571F41B7B312665BA901E2,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke return Saemus safely to the Viscount?
6ABB9B5B92ABDB4E83AEB3A16BA60131,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke blackmail Thrask?
8443C5DEF803AC41BDE3D3552B5201FE,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke give Isabela to the Arishok? (Seems to be an int, but stored as a bool, so not present should = Isabela was not there to be turned over)
477284FAF3A95245ABA026A8C5DE0388,INT,DA2 - Was Fenris returned to his Tevinter master? (1=No, 0=Fenris was never recruited, 2=Yes)
BD96D4A9D1F4994EA6C6C0C7F91E01D6,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke execute Anders?
AC3CA4435872924591CC742AC85901F9,BOOL,DA2 - Is Bethany alive?
E05362B514F2C84DB0FED7D3F0C0034A,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke try to find the assassin for Nuncio? (2=Hawke killed Nuncio to save Zevran, 0=Zevran is dead so Nuncio did not seek Hawke out, 1=Hawke did not help Nuncio find the assassin)
60774ED866B62C499F3051FB324103B7,INT,DA2 - What was Carver's career? (1=Carver became a templar, 2=Carver became a Grey Warden, 3=Carver died in the Deep Roads, 0=Carver died leaving Lothering)
CDA1C8985B0BE94FB620EFC7488301A2,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke make Tallis angry?
A29C8F862A1A274DBFA0378483AD01B6,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke discover who was raiding Hubert's caravans?
22B1E798DF8D784DAF6A8059F32A0174,BOOL,DA2 - Did Aveline marry Donnic?
EE995CE0646BFA47BA41C96D2E59014D,BOOL,DA2 - Did Javaris die?
C39B54AF8CB3AE4E9CDDF2D538CD01E1,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke recruit Sebastian?
CEE1112F60863A4D91DFE2A6C826038F,INT,DA2 - How did Hawke help Yevhen find his sons in the Deep Roads? (0=Hawke didn't help Yevhen, 1=Hawke saved Merin, 2=Hawke saved Iwan)
FB8F809866127644A7D11DA589B0014F,BOOL,DA2 - Merrill is Alive?
0573D6F5F6A5A742B17F103B73040179,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke is Warrior?
0ADE2E0F3DCAB34092DED21E311903A6,INT,DA2 - Who did Hawke side with in Corypheus's prison?  (1=Janeka, 0=Larius)
0DF526FB983667458FD5379EE2960116,INT,DA2 - Carver is Warden?
11D258C111E55642B7E32DDCA0660359,INT,DA2 - What did Hawke do with Emile?  (0=S/he returned Emile to the Circle, 1=S/he allowed Emile to go free)
11FE9048419AE841B125777FD7E20161,BOOL,DA2 - Did Varric keep a piece of the red lyrium idol?
138D125DB55CDA448F12B36B0B5F03BE,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke tell Ghyslain the truth about his wife's death? (1=No, 2=Yes, 0=Hawke did not look for Ghyslain's wife)
1399110D4C652044B95EBA9E501203E9,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke find and rescue Nathaniel from the Deep Roads?  (2=Yes, 0=Nathaniel did not survive Dragon Age: Awakenings, 1=No)
150A1535BB00F44E895664FE65CC03FD,INT,DA2 - What was Hawke's gender?  (0=Male, 1=Female)
16F9E3FA9DA9FF459537A8C66F4F01C0,BOOL,DA2 - Was Idunna killed?
19E3919E8FCBCA42B442E3834E490194,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke was Diplomatic?
19F4699B561CC8429A79D630503C01DF,BOOL,DA2 - Carver died in the Deep Roads?
200F0136B2996F4ABEB4E2C374F0011E,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke side with Varnell against the Qunari?
20BAAB736D23C041BF5438191DEA03D9,INT,DA2 - How did Hawke decide to help  Uncle Gamlen?  (1=Hawke reunited Charade with Gamlen, 0=Hawke didn't help Uncle Gamlen, 2=Hawke returned the Gem of Keroshek to Gamlen)
27390C10E70EB04386DE08C0AA7703F7,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke send Feynriel to the Circle or to the Dalish?  (0=To the Dalish, 1=To the Circle)
27FAE9D478DD70409A88AA806CA703C1,INT,DA2 - What happened to Merrill?  (1=Merrill is alive and well, 0=Merrill Died)
2F348CC5562AEF49B8C3221A9D5003DB,INT,DA2 - What was Hawke's class?  (1=Rogue, 0=Warrior, 2=Mage)
417AEEA6D4A5514BBDB685AF0F4E035A,INT,DA2 - Did Hawke defend Ketojan or hand Ketojan over to the Qunari?  (1=Handed Ketojan over to the Qunari, 0=Defend Ketojan from the Qunari)
42DD46668225564DADD7BFE6FF400155,BOOL,DA2 - Was Anders alive at the end of Dragon Age 2?
430F6CEF0F2B3E45B6790FA55F070383,INT,DA2 - Did Isabela return to Hawke after stealing the book? (0=Hawke didn't recruit Isabela, 2=Yes, 1=No)
4C6C9255845A9846BD456DA8F3D80396,INT,DA2 - Did Bethany die in the final battle?  (2=Yes, 0=Bethany didn't survive to see the mage/templar war, 1=No)
4D97E66388D49C4DBCC182E777740162,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke sided with Mages?
513B429DA40F2B438D9251B79CC0013C,BOOL,DA2 - Did Aveline stay with Hawke?
55925D1B967F954EB628BDB650C70134,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke romanced noone?
572B9593DE51CA42BC464D83A9C801D8,BOOL,DA2 - Fenris still alive?
5794EEB69E424C46ABC270445BEC03E4,INT,DA2 - What happened to Feynriel?  (1=He was made Tranquil, 2=He was possessed, 0=He was freed and left for Tevinter)
57ACC358C344944E95864D1DE6E00189,BOOL,DA2 - Bartrand still alive?
5F3878CE91F269469FF14AB2C90A014E,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke is Male?
617BB2FA6339734DA1A6ABD3EAAD01B4,BOOL,DA2 - Is Carver alive?
620A18801586CF4F9D27D086874C01FC,BOOL,DA2 - Did Merrill destroy the Eluvian?
66774F5AE6A56F41908F896554A301DC,BOOL,DA2 - Bethany is a Warden?
4ECBB2B6E021894DAC9F9E7174FE0375,INT,DA2 - Did Bethany become a Warden?  (0=Unknown, 1=No, 2=Yes)
72413096A9141B46BF86BFC1EF13010F,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke romanced Merrill?
72D56111B4B3ED49A10EC974E4910104,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke is Rogue?
7D78577684221346B6660AFBDA2F0117,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke romanced Isabela?
867DF5E35FC9CF46814A3D0923FF0141,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke return the cargo to Martin?
884A4EDEC1D1FF4A8F022869769601F8,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke is Female?
8F1B5A79B50D0C4EB3B484AAD5FC03C9,INT,DA2 - What happened to Anders?
940AD3861304924AAA5164B816ED01FB,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke sided with Janeka?
6AE159FE15C3154790DCB0395EC60376,INT,DA2 - What happened to Samson? (1=Samson was reinstated into the templars, 0=Samson was killed) <-- Might be a BOOL
951142549B72C148A2DF6993E6840185,BOOL,DA2 - Samson reinstated into the templars?
965EB6B16DF61C41835DC0676BCB011F,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke romanced Anders?
9A9AF53D37C25C4F89F3CD6E11A70181,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke side with Petrice?
9C73E933D0AAA14DAEBCD3D3525201D8,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke recruit Fenris?
9CCDF7484909C14297CE3DE694000142,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke and Varric are friends?
A03F19138EFBA54EAAC6982D1AC801AC,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke sided with Larius?
A2D61281EB80284E9FE55F9405F1038F,INT,DA2 - What happened to Keran?  (1=He was kicked out of the Templars, 0=He was reinstated with the Templars)
A2F8F486211CD94BB983836C9E69015A,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke kill Gascard?
A316571FDA7C864D886EC9F74454019B,BOOL,DA2 - Fenris was returned to master?
A57A6A51399A1740AB550911790501EB,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke sided with the templars?
AC0194CCAE1AA54BB27869627F860108,BOOL,DA2 - Was Dragon Age 2 completed?
AD092E3BD9F91F4C9D8622632306018A,BOOL,DA2 - Did Merrill stay with Hawke?
B3746F504990F54AA195E37911030187,BOOL,DA2 - Hawkes personality was aggressive?
B399BE1460645F438663555E4C2A0140,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke discover the mystery of the missing miners at the Bone Pit?
B41ABBAFF4623A4DB7B5F9054E830132,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke romanced Sebastian?
B7A77C25085D7B49B81687E19C300178,BOOL,DA2 - Dragon Age 2: Legacy played?
C35C629614D6984C87B7AD1590B601DB,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke recruit Isabela?
C7216587181ED344A5A4D2983ADC036E,INT,DA2 - What was Bethany's career? (2=Bethany became a Grey Warden, 0=Bethany died leaving Lothering, 3=Bethany died in the Deep Roads, 1=Bethany became a Circle mage)
DA5A8EB8CBDAC04CBCF4F89002A801BA,BOOL,DA2 - Bethany died in the Deep Roads?
DBCEF271FC672F409554523DB6BA0133,BOOL,DA2 - Hawke romanced Fenris?
E1E18B193C0B9745A518320D98A60136,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke help Varric discover what was haunting his brother Bartrand's mansion?
E2154968263A5E42B1D8BEDAE2B50120,BOOL,DA2 - Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2 played?
E56276F3235A264A8960A3085F390139,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke find Malcolm's will in the Grey Warden prison tower?  Yes
E7B13DD38991C64BACE16528AA3E012B,BOOL,DA2 - Hawkes personality was humorous?
F143C8AFD013734F9007DF1E906E01AD,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke kiss Tallis?
F7B92DFB39812543A0EAC18F5FAA019A,BOOL,DA2 - Was Kelder killed?
FE2ED88D9EA0FA40AA44CFC1A028013E,BOOL,DA2 - Is Ginnis alive?

Images of random changes to plot values:

Increased starting inventory to 1000

Successful savegame edit to increase the amount of gold carried

Also I have found the location of the World state import data. So given time, it should be possible to construct custom states, doesn't appear to be difficult, just a lot of boolean based flags to go through and figure out what they are for. I may request some help at some point, because I dont really remember the old games very well.

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I've also started exploring the plot flags recently.

They are stored in the save as:
2-byte number of boolean plot flags (value=true)
array of 16-byte guids
2-byte number of boolean plot flags (value=false)
array of 16-byte guids
2-byte number of integer plot flags
array of 16-byte guid + 4-byte value
2-byte number of float plot flags
array of 16-byte guid + 4-byte value

Default values are in da3\systems\plot\plotconfiguration

I'm mostly trying to figure out how epilogue works from conversations and plot actions/conditions
2008714EADD5F745AD00A018D847036C - Connections rank
2B5AD8B68214C644A48ECA12240603E9 - Forces rank
F2C96806F82BD446B8814B13C5F803AC - Secrets rank
ABA840B10DF92A449C65941CC65F010F - Cassandra is Divine
6E7CA423653F5C4B8A803DF3E5AE01BC - Leliana is Divine (?)
7A689E68F6E34F4E9437948B00FF01C6 - Vivienne is Divine
A322094A805AC448BC2F497817FE0328 - Cassandra Divine points
E79A75430E46204494B34F579E8103B9 - Leliana Divine points
515B3DF9D50CC846874A4F4E728C038B - Vivienne Divine points
E516F88206765C4CAD004B3358CD0139 - Leliana's personal quest done
915CC2886A76FD4B92EF6518BA53010A - Leliana softened

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Here's a script I'm using to view save data:
Download exe from Google Drive
Source (C#, VS 2013)
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Thanks for that I'll add them to the list, yeah I had already got the format figured, and written a little GUI program to display and modify the results, but thanks none the less.
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 Post subject: Re: Plot Flags
PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:35 am 
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Heres a quick GUI that I wrote, it'll display all the Plot Flags from the save, pretty name if it has one, and allows you to change the value and save out to a new save. Be warned, very little checking going on, so very easy to break things, always backup and dont save over the same save. Every flag can be changed, however I have no idea what most of them do at this time, so anything could happen. You can update the PlotFlagsMapping.txt with new values so they appear in the editor. Also it can only edit whats already in the save at this time, so cannot add new values.

Release: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqpBc ... sp=sharing
Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqpBc ... sp=sharing

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:51 am 
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trying it right now :)


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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:41 am 
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worked like a charm!

Did the temple, was still missing shards, saved, edited, added more shards, finished the temple :) And Sera invited me to eat cookies instead of wanting to punch me :p

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 Post subject: Re: Plot Flags
PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:47 am 
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 Post subject: Re: Plot Flags
PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:54 am 

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Thanks for the tool! Is there any info on save file names? I.e. when creating a new save file, what do you name it to make sure it stays with the same character?

Edit: Never mind, created some extra saves to see. Also seems best to not be connected to the DA servers when managing saves.

 Post subject: Re: Plot Flags
PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:23 am 
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I personally have had no issues with DA servers and modified saves, what issues are you seeing?

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