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Infinite loading times when starting a game or loading one

Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:53 am

So when i use mod manager i do not get any errors.
It happends whatever i want to start new game or load a save.
So here is the list of mods that i am using.
Yennefer's Hair Attempt
Barbarian Solas Outfit - black outfit
BrushedBack SS Hair
Classic Cass
Configurable Increased Inventory
Dalish Elf Concept Tattoo - Chin Version
Dalish Outerwear
EF Curvy Body - Massive Chest - Thighs
EF Custom Arms - Thicker
EF long pulled back hair bangs
Elegance - Mage Warden Robes - Dark Skin
Fake Lashes
Flower tattoo
HD Eye Textures
HF Curvy Body - Thick Thighs - Massive Chest - Wide Waist
HF long pulled back hair bangs
HF Thicker Arms
Invisible Staff
Make Erasthenes Tranquil
Make Erimond Tranquil for non-mage
More Banter
NewInfluenceFlexUpdate v1.0
No Dirt Buildup
Sera's Complexion v4 + Tattoo
Sera's Long Hair
Side Braid with Bun [EF]
Side Braid with Bun [HF]
SK_Hair Retexture_4k
Straight Dorian Mod
Straight Long Layered Hair_Female Human
Vivienne Natural Complexion
War Table - No Waiting
Yennefer complexion V0.2 - no brows just black eyeliner - no moles

So here is the list of mods that i am using could be causing that issue or to do this the old fashion way aka check every mod independently aka load mod number one then 2 then 3 etc.

Thanks for the info or any help you can give me,

Re: Infinite loading times when starting a game or loading o

Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:00 pm

That is quite a lot of mods. Unless someone replies that one of those mods caused that specific issue, your best best is to test one-by-one. It could also be that you have two (or more) mods that are conflicting with each other. Be sure to check the Nexus comments on all of those mods as well.

Re: Infinite loading times when starting a game or loading o

Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:26 pm

This is a little late, but try disabling MedFemDalishArmor_Zevran. While others have had no issues with the mod working, it began to malfunction for me after one of the files I was actively playing reached Skyhold and was causing infinite loading.
Hope you fix(ed?) your problem.
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