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Thu May 18, 2017 4:57 am

Hi everyone,

I am not a usual forum user, but this time I have to do some foruming.

You see I am having trouble with a part of DAI that is frustrating me.
I have been playing Dragon Age for some time now, first with Origins & Awakeninmg & now DAI. I have not played DA 2. I cannot get a copy any more.
I have all the extra levels for DAI, but not the 2 extra content for Avaar & Qunari spoils. Do I need them too.
First off I do not think there should be level restrictions in any RPG. I am stuck at level 27 & am playing on the nightmare mode for the last achievement. Extra level ups wouyld make it easier to win this game on nightmare level. I have finished the game on normal mode.

My issue is with getting through Heidrun Thaig. I get the black screen when I open the door to the area where you cannot save, until you get through the level. So I thought adding some mods would help me.
But how safe is the mod after I merge the 2?
Where are the instructions on how to use mods too, please. Can some one direct me to where I find the instructions?

Can any one help me please to get through Heidrun Thaig?
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